You are in an open field. On one side of you is a deep pit, filled with bones and ashes and hellish things. On the other side is your house, yours sons, the Fjord, and the sunlight is striking the snow high on the mountains. If you want to reach your house, then you must push the baby out as Freya would. Let him rip you, but push out. Choose life.

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make me choose↳ emmahswans asked: andrea or michonne

make me choose
↳ emmahswans
 asked: andrea or michonne

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ᴀ ᴛʀᴜᴇ ǫᴜᴇᴇɴ ᴅᴏᴇs ɴᴏᴛ ɴᴇᴇᴅ ᴀ ᴋɪɴɢ

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Alison Hendrix in 2x01

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anonymous and emmaduerres asked you: luna lovegood or hermione granger?

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you know, lady stuff


you know, lady stuff

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I don’t know if you’ve noticed this, but we have so much stuff on us. Every pocket, it’s like “well, Beth has to have her notebook, she has to have her gun, she has to have her knife.” And we got the backpack! I remember when Norman had to give me a piggy-back ride, every single take would be like “Oh God!” That line where he’s like “you’re heavier than you look” …I don’t think that’s in the script. - Emily Kinney (x)

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❝ Well, it becomes consensual by the end, because anything for them ultimately results in a turn-on, especially a power struggle. ❞

Alex Graves (on the changed altar scene in 4.3)

In the books, the scene is as follows:

“She touched his face. “I was lost without you, Jaime. I was afraid the Starks would send me your head. I could not have borne that.” She kissed him. A light kiss, the merest brush of her lips on his, but he could feel her tremble as he slid his arms around her. “I am not whole without you.”
There was no tenderness in the kiss he returned to her, only hunger. Her mouth opened for his tongue. “No,” she said weakly when his lips moved down her neck, “not here. The septons…”
“The Others can take the septons.” He kissed her again, kissed her silent, kissed her until she moaned. Then he knocked the candles aside and lifted her up onto the Mother’s altar, pushing up her skirts and the silken shift beneath. She pounded on his chest with feeble fists, murmuring about the risk, the danger, about their father, about the septons, about the wrath of gods. He never heard her. He undid his breeches and climbed up and pushed her bare white legs apart. One hand slid up her thigh and underneath her smallclothes. When he tore them away, he saw that her moon’s blood was on her, but it made no difference.
“Hurry,” she was whispering now, “quickly, quickly, now, do it now, do me now. Jaime Jaime Jaime.” Her hands helped guide him. “Yes,” Cersei said as he thrust, “my brother, sweet brother, yes, like that, yes, I have you, you’re home now, you’re home now, you’re home.” She kissed his ear and stroked his short bristly hair. Jaime lost himself in her flesh. He could feel Cersei’s heart beating in time with his own, and the wetness of blood and seed where they were joined.

In the show, Cersei breaks down; she and Jaime share a tender moment, a kiss, until Cersei pushes him away. Instead of heeding her discomfort, Jaime returns her shove with, “you’re a hateful woman, why have the gods made me love a hateful woman?” and forces her to kiss him. Cersei hits him, pushes him away, says, “please no” “stop it” “no” repeatedly and struggles with Jaime as he’s roughly lifting her skirts and dropping his trousers. Jaime tells her “no” and continues to force himself on her as she struggles. “Stop it, it’s not right, it’s not right,” says Cersei. “I don’t care. I don’t care,” says Jaime. She struggles until the end and there’s zero acknowledgement or utterance of “yes.” There’s no explicit consent nor anything that implies explicit consent in this scene, therefore it is rape and one has to wonder why sex that was explicitly consensual in the books (as Cersei says “yes” and tells Jaime what to do) was turned into rape on the show.

It appears someone might have to have a talk with Graves (as well as Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) about what consent means.

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never stop howling